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"More than just a Canola Shield or Deflector,

the SEED SAVER is a

Re-Capture Device,

specifically designed to stop your grain losses.

Seed Saver Plus

(32" 3-Panels)

3-Panel Houston Seed Saver

Saves up to 98% of your losses!

  • Extends over the Auger!

  • Strong and light aluminum frame

  • Durable marguard panels provide high visibility

  • Fully adjustable angle (locks upright for Hwy) 
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Easy Installation 
  • Universal Mounting

We were very pleased with our Seed Savers.  We feel they paid for themselves very quickly in terms of seed loss and the dust control was excellent.  Would definitely recommend them for anyone picking canola

~Byron Babich, Moose Jaw Sask.

Wow, what a product! I combined 1700 acres of canola and my feederhouse was as clean as when I started and I never had to clean my windshield once.  I feel I had zero seed loss, even on windy days and the dust control is amazing.  Seed Saver pays for itself in the first few hundred acres. 

~Larry Chotowetz, Compeer AB.

"You need a Seed Saving Device, not just a Canola Shield. Where do the seeds go?

After hitting a high angle Canola Deflector?

With a Seed Saver

you don't simply keep your Combine clean, while bouncing volunteer seeds into your field,

you actually increase your yield!"


Use it with the


calibration system

Do you want to eliminate your losses? 

~You will get the best results when you combine a Seed Saver with a Bushel Plus.~

Stop the losses! at both ends of the combine. 

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