A kUBB Game of Throw'N

for all the Ages!

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Have you ever wondered what the toughest warriors through history did when they weren't waging war and plundering the countryside?

"Why, they played Kubb of course!"

What could be more fun and therapeutic

than throwing a hefty stick and klonking down your enemies, I mean "friend's", blocks of wood. This is your chance to step inside an ancient world! To live like your forebearers and confront a beautiful day with courage and honour. Take up your battons! Stand at the battle line and win Glory over your...

kids, spouse, friends!


How to play Battlesticks Kubb

(the simple version)

To play Kubb there are two opponents or teams. Each team lines up their Kubbs on opposite sides of the playing field. The King is placed in the center. Each player or team then takes turns throwing their battons in an attempt to knock down their opponents Kubbs. Whoever succeeds first and proceeds to knocking down the King is the winner!