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More Grain in your bins,

Fewer weeds in your fields!

Specifically Designed to Stop Header Loss

the Houston Seed Saver in Action

the Houston Seed Saver in Action

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  • Save up to 98% of losses over the header!

  • Dramatically reduces volunteer canola

  • Only product that extends over the auger!

  • Eliminates chaff buildup on the feeder house

  • Keeps your windshield cleaner than any other product

How much do you lose

off the

Combine header?

Similar products claim you can save a 1/4+ bushels per acre.

Is that what your losses are?



The Seed Saver has more coverage than any other product.

By our tests it will

save 98% of your losses, however many bushels!

Are you Tired of dealing with

Volunteer Canola


Work with Us!

We are here to help reduce the costly spread of weeds

For more information about this problem go to:

Nothing reduces Dust & Losses

like a

 Seed Saver!

Fantastic product!

No seed loss and no dust off the table auger.  Seldom had to clean our windshields and our feederhouse was perfectly clean! Seed Savers should be standard equipment on all pickup heads!

Jake Hofer, Simmie Colony,  Sask


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